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Michael Martin

All Texans, 16 and older, are now eligible to receive their vaccination for COVID-19,

Vaccine skepticism

Meeting President Biden’s COVID eligibility goal, all adults and those 16 and older are now eligible for COVID vaccination. This gives the U.S a significant boost in preventing the spread and brings us even closer to the end of this over-a-year-long pandemic. 

Even with the current pause on the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, distribution has become more readily available. Opening vaccinations to any adult 16 and older, provides a greater possibility for herd immunity, as more people now have access to it. 

However, just because one now has access to it, doesn’t mean they will take advantage of it. One of the bigger obstacles we have yet to get past is convincing those who are skeptical that it’s ok to take the vaccine. Convincing skeptics of the vaccine’s safety will throw us forward even more and would provide a great advantage in ending this. 

Despite the fact that it will be impossible to convince everyone, convincing even a couple of people can help immensely. I strongly encourage one to get the vaccine and to talk to friends and family members about getting it as well. You can find information on both vaccines, and vaccination sites on the CDC website.

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