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Kirthi Gummadi

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India’s battle with COVID-19

Over the past month, India has had very noticeable and dangerous increases in corona cases. Going from just over 50,000 to a little over 350,000, there’s no doubt that India is being very heavily hit by the virus.

To make matters worse, hospitals in the country are also running out of oxygen and are in dire need of supplies. Many are dying on the streets, and 90% of India’s oxygen supply is being diverted for medical usage. The government plans to release oxygen supplies from armed forces reserves and plans to build more than 500 oxygen generation plants across the country.

As well as running low on supplies, they’re also running low on space. Hence, converting trains, sports halls, and stadiums into make-shift hospitals. Make-shift facilities for cremation and burial services are also being made due to the overwhelmed funeral services. 

Mass cremation services due to the unprecedented number of deaths have been working day and night, running low on wood and space. 

We can’t take for granted how fortunate we are to be in the position we are in. While things may be difficult at times, there are others who have it much worse and we need to be aware of that. 

The crisis in India is truly horrifying compared to what we have dealt with in the U.S. Many government officials internationally are working to help India in this desperate time for them. There are a number of charities listed here that one can contribute to in order to aid in COVID relief. 

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