COVID-19 booster shots are now approved by the CDC for 12-15 year olds.

COVID-19 booster shots are now approved by the CDC for 12-15 year olds.

Connecting Covid-19 to veganism

Where COVID-19 first originated was most likely at was is known as a ‘wet market’ where some animals are kept and then killed for food on site. Many of the most prevalent diseases are zoonotic, meaning they started from animals and spread to humans. Some claim that worldwide veganism would’ve prevented these types of diseases.

While wet markets and factory farms are great examples of hotspots for disease, they are not the only interactions humans have with animals. However, a ban on these locations would benefit both humans and animals, also aiding in the prevention of another outbreak. Animal welfare is one of the last things these places take into account, directly affecting the quality of the products people are consuming. Needless to say, a vegan world would be a world with fewer pandemics, and in reality, no COVID-19 at all. 

There’s measures needed to be taken for a more compassionate treatment of animals, leading animal farming to cease to exist. With this movement there would be an extreme decrease in animal-related diseases. 

Other than the origins of the virus, there’s a second connection with veganism and COVID-19. When lockdowns were first being introduced it proved a point that humans can and will adapt to their lifestyles when lives are at risk. The willingness to switch to a plant-based diet wouldn’t be as drastic of a shift and it would save countless of animals. 

There has been an increase in those switching to veganism during the pandemic. In the UK there was a record breaking number of participants in the Veganuary 2020 campaign. There’s a spike in interests for how to make the world a better place and individuals striving to better themselves, thus turning to veganism. Who knows it could help avoid the next global health crisis.

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