Dagmara Dombrovska (Free to use under the Unsplash License)


Witchcraft has been thought of as taboo in many cultures for a long time. However, in recent years, it’s gaining popularity. Witchcraft, in simple terms, is the casting of spells and performing magical rituals. I believe that performing spells and rituals will just intensify your manifestations. Every ingredient you use, you’re putting more and more intent into your manifestation. For example, in a love spell, which requires using rose quartz, the concentration and intent you bless the rose quartz with will help your spell come true. Another way that will project your manifestations into your everyday life is repetition. Not only does repetition help focus intention, but it also creates an energy wave that charges any incantation. Basically, a spell will work if you believe it will and put intention into it.

A common misconception about witchcraft is that it involves “worshiping the devil”. This is absolutely false as witchcraft is simply using nature to manifest your desires. In no way, shape, or form, does witchcraft have anything to do with demons or the devil.

A simple example of a spell is a Mojo bag. It is a cloth bag containing items that are important to the owner. For example, my Mojo bag has green aventurine, basil, himalayan salt, lavender essential oil, dried rose petals, and a couple of lucky charms. Your mojo bag can contain anything you want and it will bring you good luck. I keep mine on my bedside table but you can keep yours wherever you please.

When you peel back the stereotypes, witchcraft simply helps you intensify your emotions and pay homage to various cultures.

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