Brett Sayles (Free to use under the Pexels License)

Full Moon Manifestation

The Full Moon is a significant period among spiritual communities. During this time, it is believed that the energies of the universe are more powerful allowing for a window of opportunity for various entities. It’s a good time to focus on your spiritual development and manifest. The Moon in general symbolizes the mind and mental state because of its closeness to Earth.

One of the best ways to manifest on a full moon is the moon water manifestation method. For this, fill a glass jar or cup with water (drinkable). Then write your manifestation on a piece of paper. At nighttime, when the moon is out, go outside and lay the paper, with your manifestation written on it face up on a clean surface. Place the glass of water on top of the paper. The next step is optional but you can also put crystals around the glass to strengthen the moon’s power. Then leave the glass and paper outside. Right before the sun rises the next morning, bring it inside. This part is important, don’t let the sun touch the moon water. It’s vital that you bring it inside before there’s a chance for the sun’s rays to hit the water.  Reread your manifestation and drink the water slowly and imagine you getting the power of the moon as you drink it.

However, please be careful as everything is magnified during a full moon. Be cautious of bad things being magnified. If you are going through a rough spot mentally, the full moon could possibly make it worse. That’s why it’s a good idea to use the full moon to your advantage and do moon meditations, manifestations, and yoga instead of letting it impact you negatively.

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