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Candles, in a spiritual sense, have been used for thousands of years to manifest, set intention, and cleanse areas. This is because candles are one of the easiest and most powerful methods. Different candles are used for different purposes and spells. 

The color of a candle is actually very important because the brain associates different colors with different subconscious responses. This response is rooted in your personal experience with that color and the meaning your culture assigns to it. Burning different colors of candles will bring different life outcomes. For example, you can burn a white candle for protection and new beginnings. And a black one banishing negative energy.

In addition to simply getting lit, candles can also be dressed. Prepping, or in other words dressing your candle can better intensify your intention. To begin, cleanse your candle with some sage, or simply just your breath to remove all energies the candle has picked up. The next step is to use a combination of herbs and oils to increase the power of your spells. The final step is to carve your candle. You can carve any symbol special to you, or a symbol that corresponds to your goal. Have fun with this. Then light your candle and watch your goal become a reality.

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