Dingzeyu Li (Free to use under the Unsplash License)

Void State

The void state is a deep meditative state, where you allow thoughts to pass through your mind without judging them. This is a state where your mind is awake but your body is asleep. This state is very beneficial to the spiritual growth of a person as you can reflect on yourself, take some time for yourself, and even shift to new realities.

In order to get into the void state, take a couple deep breaths, count to one hundred slowly, take more deep breaths and focus on the sound of your breathing. Listen to the sound of the air rushing into your lungs as you inhale and listen to the air leaving your body as you exhale.

You will know you are in the void sate when you feel symptoms such as tingling fingers and toes, feeling like you are floating, or feeling like you are flying. You would also have that sense of happiness and that sense of peace. It will feel like you are surrounded by black and nothingness. You will not feel your physical body, you will feel as if you are pure floating consciousness.

As someone who has reached this state of consciousness a few times, I can say, it is one of the most surreal experiences I have ever had. I felt as if time did not pass, and I was just floating in my own head. When I opened my eyes and decided to come back to reality, I realized that only ten minutes had passed, when it had felt like hours in the void state.

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