Dominik Van Opdenbosch (Free to use under the Unsplash License)

Signs Sent by Spirit Guides

Have you ever seen anything strange as you are going about your day, such as an owl in broad daylight? Or a road sign that you had never seen before right before something bad happened? These are omens, phenomenon that are said to foretell the future, sent by your spirit guides, to give you a heads up about something.

A sign your spirit guides are trying to tell you something is regularly seeing angel numbers, specifically 444. Once you see an angel number, immediately look up its meaning, and try to figure out what your spirit guides are trying to tell you. Pay close attention to exactly what you are doing or thinking off when you see the angel number.

Another sign that your spirit guides are trying to tell you something is if you see an animal in a place that you normally wouldn’t. Different animals indicate various things the universe wants you to know. For example, if you see an owl, it means there is something huge coming to you. If you see a rabbit, the forces of nature are with you. A ladybug is a messenger of joy and good luck.

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