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Fast Food

While tuned in to nearly any live television channel, viewers can expect to be bombarded with all kinds of restaurant and food commercials. Lately, there have been more vegan options represented in these advertisements. As veganism grows increasingly prominent as time goes on, it doesn’t come as a surprise that fast food chains have caught on.

Companies in the food industry are required to meet their consumers’ demand if they want to expand the profit margin. With the 2021 vegan market worth $16 billion dollars, restaurants are starting to consider meat alternatives to be worth the extra penny. People on plant-based diets benefit from this wider variety, yet flexitarians, people who consume animal products in moderation, make up the majority of the consumer pool. 

Among current climate anxiety, people are considering their own eco-footprint and what they can do to better the earth. Many do not fully embrace the vegan lifestyle, but still make an effort to make personal decisions that help the environment. This mindset is not just seen in the wealthy, but people of all classes and diverse backgrounds. Having options that are easily accessible and affordable in common corporations increases the likelihood that people will order the item with sustainability in mind. 

Starting off 2022, fast food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and Starbucks are all making big strides in animal product alternatives. Quick and cheap meals are why fast food franchises are successful, and now vegans are finally getting the same access. More restaurants are partnering up with plant-based brands to provide a wider selection of choices for their customers, and this has rarely been seen before. 

Last year, vegan fast food alone saved the lives of approximately 630,000 animals. The more restaurants add plant-based items to their menus, the greater the planet benefits.    

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