Provided by Jayna Yoon

This week on Artistic Expressions, staff reporter Rachel Kim sits down with violinist Jayna Yoon. Yoon talks about her musical journey and her plans for the future.

Jayna Yoon

Name: Jayna Yoon

Grade: 12th

Years of Experience: 12 years

Future job: psychiatrist


Wingspan: What made you choose your instrument? 

“I was in first grade when I started playing the violin, so I don’t think it was exactly my choice, but I tried both violin and piano and enjoyed violin more, so I continued to play.”

Wingspan: What made you want to join orchestra? 

“I wanted to join orchestra because by the time I got to middle school, I had been playing for a few years and had started to really enjoy playing.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite memory in orchestra?

“My favorite memory in orchestra has been playing Sleigh Ride at the Winter Extravaganza each year.”

Wingspan: Are you considering continuing your instrument beyond high school? Why? 

“I will probably keep violin as a hobby and am considering joining an orchestra in college, but I don’t plan on pursuing it as a profession. I think being in an orchestra is a great way to meet new people and play new repertoire!”

Wingspan: How does music impact your life?

“Music impacts my life in lots of ways. Through orchestra, I’ve met some of my closest friends and have experienced being in a community bonded by a common interest. By learning music theory, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for both classical and non-classical music alike.”

Wingspan: What life lessons has orchestra/playing your instrument taught you?

“Playing the violin has taught me the value in discipline and pushing your limits. There have definitely been times where I felt like giving up or quitting because I felt like I wasn’t making much progress, but overcoming these experiences has helped me grow both as a musician and as a person.”

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