Durham signs with St. Mary’s

Melody Akbari and Julia Savage

Senior soccer player Mikalya Durham joined thousands of high school seniors across the country that committed to continue their athletic careers in college on National Letter of Intent Signing Day.

For Durham that meant, signing to play with St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. Wingspan’s Kasey Harvey caught up with shortly after Wednesday’s ceremony in the library and got her thoughts about being able to play soccer on the next level.

Kasey Harvey
Putting pen to her National Letter of Intent, senior Mikayla Durham signs to continue her soccer career at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio.

Wingspan: What does this moment mean to you?

Durham: “Everything has finally paid off. I’ve been playing this sport forever so it’s finally all coming together. I started playing when I was three so it’s been a long ride. It’s been tough. There’s been moments when I almost quit. I‘m just glad that I kept going.”

Wingspan: Did you ever expect this starting soccer?

Durham: “It didn’t really start to become a reality until about sophomore year when I started showcasing and everything and actually talking to coaches. I remember the first coach that was ever interested in me and it was the biggest deal ever. From that moment on I knew it was a possibility for me to play in college.”

Wingspan: Has this always been a dream for you?

Durham: “I’ve always wanted to continue playing because it’s been a big part of my life for so long. I’m just really blessed to get the opportunity.”

Wingspan: Knowing that you were going to sign today versus actually signing, what is the difference?

Durham: “It’s national signing day. It’s a big deal to do it today. My teammates in college are doing it, it’s just a big thing.”

Wingspan: What are you expecting going into college as a student athlete?

Durham: “It’s not going to be easy. I’m ready for the challenges. It’s really intense, but I’m excited for it.”

Kasey Harvey
Friends and teammates surround senior Mikayla Durham at her signing day ceremony in the library Wednesday morning.

Wingspan: How does this motivate the rest of your high school season?

Durham: “I feel like I have a little bit to live up to. I signed so I can’t relax just because I’m playing in college. I actually have to show people that I earned it.

Wingspan: What are you expecting since you are getting a whole new set of teammates?

Durham: “I’ve met the girls and I really like them so it’s a real close knit group. It’s going to be fun.”

Wingspan: What are you expecting from college with a new coach?

Durham: “Coach Rich is a real good guy. He’s very funny. It’s going to be a bit of a dynamic change just because it is a higher level, it’s all new people, and it’s going to be more intense.”