18 strikeouts later, Wynia sets school record


provided by Michael Sepanek

The school's strikeout record had been set at 17, achieved by Tyler Durham, in 2010. However, since Tuesday night, the record has been broken by senior Tim Wynia, who fanned 18.

Since 2010, Tyler Durham’s school strikeout record for one game sat at 17. However, on Tuesday night, senior Tim Wynia did one better than Durham as he fanned 18 in the Redhawks 3-1 win over Lebanon Trail.

After the second inning, I was like I am going for the perfect game,”

— senior Tim Wynia

“It just felt like a normal game,” Wynia said. “I felt pretty good about myself. I was pretty confident. After the second inning, I was like I am going for the perfect game. That didn’t work out. By the fifth inning I had 13 strikeouts or something so I was like I guess I am going for the most strikeouts.”

His performance left head coach Scott McGarrh in awe.

“It’s not supposed to happen,” McGarrh said. “Your defense is there for a reason to make plays. When a kid strikes out 18, it’s unfathomable. 2 of the other 3 outs, he picked kids off. Really he was responsible of 20 of the 21 defensive outs. I’ve never been apart of anything like that.”

For teammate and senior Jack Kelly, it did not come as a surprise.

“He’s always been dominate on the mound,” Kelly said. “He was throwing hard that night. He was throwing 92. His velocity stayed up the whole game, it didn’t drop off. You just have to know what pitches work for him, when to throw them. With Tim, he can throw his curveball whenever he wants. So you have to throw it and call it when the batter is not expecting it. You just have to have trust in the pitcher.”

Headed to West Virginia University in the fall, his performance foreshadows a bright future.

It’s not supposed to happen. When a kid strikes out 18, it’s unfathomable,”

— head coach Scott McGarrh

“I am excited to see what the future has in store for him,” assistant baseball coach Mickey Sepanek said. “If it’s anything close to what he played last night, he’s got a bright future ahead of him.”

But for Wynia, there is always room for improvement.

“It was a good performance just because I think I could have done better just because of the walks and the pitch count and stuff. There’s always room for improvement.”