Provided by Sherry Hu

Managing editor Rin Ryu sits down with artist Sherry Hu as she discusses her passion for art.

Sherry Hu

Name: Sherry Hu

Years experience: more than 12 years

Inspiration: Morisot, Caravaggio, my art teachers, and my grandfather.

Future job: Something in the intersection between business and design


Wingspan: When did you start getting involved in art? 

Hu: “Around kindergarten.”

Wingspan: What made you choose art? 

Hu: “I was involved with a lot of activities when I was younger, and art just happened to be one of them that stuck with me through the years.”

Wingspan: Do you see yourself continuing this in the future? 

Hu: “Absolutely! I plan to minor in something related to art in college, to hopefully have a future career that incorporates art.”

Wingspan: What kinds of art are you most interested in? 

Hu: “Traditionally oils, but recently I’ve gotten really into avant-garde fashion design.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite thing about art? 

Hu: “Unbridled creativity and being able to embrace the unconventional.”

Wingspan: What would you say is the most challenging thing about art?

Hu: “Knowing what you want to create but not knowing if you have the skills to execute it.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite art piece you have created?

Hu: “I’ve created a lot of pieces of art that I adore, but my favorite would probably have to be my painting Mind in Bloom. It was the first portrait I ever painted, and it was my first piece to advance to state at VASE, so it’s very dear to my heart.”

Wingspan: What’s your favorite memory of art?

Hu: “Going to state for VASE in junior year! It was my first time going, since my pieces from previous years didn’t advance. It was really surreal and symbolic of the amount of time and hard work I put in, and it’s a memory I’ll cherish forever.”

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