Promposals take prom to a different level

Divya Murali

Divya Murali, WTV Staff Reporter

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Prom is Saturday and some seniors found a special way to ask their significant other to prom.

WTV’s Divya Murali has more.

The formal definition of the word “promposal” is an elaborate and public proposal to take somebody to a high school prom, modelled on marriage proposals.

Now with prom season here, social media sites are filled with videos of extravagant proposals.

Although promposals are seen as cute and heartwarming, these gestures can be expensive.

The average American household with teenagers spend about $324 just for promposals.

However even a small gesture can go a long way.

“I would prefer having a small meaningful promposal rather than a large, over-the-top one because I feel like it should be more sincere,” senior Niveda Subramanian.

Small or big, promposals are often a fun gesture to show others how much care.

I’m Divya Murali reporting for Wingspan TV.