17 years in the making, Coach McGarrh hits 250 wins


Provided by Glatch Family

In his 17th year leading the baseball program on campus, head baseball coach Scott McGarrh hit 250 wins. It did not come without dedication, hard work, and sacrifices from both Scott and his family.

Head baseball coach Scott McGarrh has been coaching the baseball team on campus since the opening of the school, and after 17 years of commitment, he earned his 250th win with the program.

I have been here since Liberty opened and started the baseball program here at Liberty,” Scott  said. “Honestly, I am getting old and have been extremely blessed to have great players and phenomenal assistant coaches.” 

Hitting this milestone was not an easy feat according to Scott.

There has been a ton of blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this milestone,” he said. “Tons of time spent at the field getting it ready for a game since we don’t have turf, late hours after games are over getting ready for the next day.”

Daughter Peyton McGarrh believes her dad was born to be on the field. 

I truly believe my dad was born to be a coach and to mentor young men,

— daughter Peyton McGarrh

“My dad hitting 250 wins means so much to our family because we see how much work and dedication he has for the program,” Peyton said. “I truly believe my dad was born to be a coach and to mentor young men so seeing how his hard work and love for baseball has turned into something so amazing has been the best thing to watch. We are so proud of him and love to watch him do what he loves.”

In addition to his dedication to the program, sacrifices were made by his family to make hitting this milestone possible.

“I have missed family birthday celebrations because I was either coaching a game or scouting,” he said. “Lots of sacrifice from my wife and kids as well.”

Despite this, Peyton would not change it for anything.

“Growing up with my dad being a coach has made my life look a lot different than most kids, but I wouldn’t change it for anything,” Peyton said. “Life has always been very busy and most of my nights and weekends were spent at the baseball field. But I learned so much through it all and it has made me who I am today. I am very thankful to have a dad that works so hard for me and my family.”