Dance club benefits community

Dance For Cause on campus is the first one in Frisco, and hopes to unite the community through dance.

Dance For Cause on campus is the first one in Frisco, and hopes to unite the community through dance.

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The cheer and applause echo through the school every Wednesday after school as music plays and members of the new club, Dance for Cause, break out in spontaneous dances, some rehearsed, some freestyle. Dance for Cause is a dance organization that wishes to unite the community through dance.

The DFC on campus is the first one in Frisco.

“DFC is a club that originated in Plano and I found a few friends who found the club really influential,” club president Crystal Wang said. “I thought it would be great to bring it here and build a dance community here at Liberty.”

DFC hopes to help students feel good about themselves while dancing and encourages people to dance regardless of their dance background.

“I would really like to advocate that you don’t need to be a good dancer, meaning you look good dancing,” Wang said. “You have to focus on having fun and enjoying it at the same time. It’s not about looking good, it’s about having confidence.”

The group also plans on having lots of events for members throughout the year.

“The DFC headquarters has created an amazing event for all of the members in the Student Sector of our organization to come,” publicist and recruit Jimmy Qian said. “This year we will have the DFC Winter Games, which will be a competition against other schools. It’s a great way to expose ourselves and meet many different people and ultimately represent Liberty. All of these activities do not consist of dancing.”

Nobody has to participate in all of the performances planned, but dancers that choose to will likely be putting in extra work.

“Members can expect to put in one to two hours depending on the performance’s difficulty and the proficiency of the people trying to pick up the choreography,” treasurer Owen Shun said.

Along with performances and events, they will also be offering volunteering opportunities.

“We’re planning to go to the FC Dallas game at the Toyota Stadium to help sell drinks and food all day,” Qian said. “We are also helping rebuild Oak Cliff Church.”

While the dancing may get most of the attention, DFC hopes to leave an impact on society.

“DFC is not just a dance club,” Qian said. “It’s really about the community.”