Featured Athlete: Luke Small

Sport: cross country | Grade: 9

Luke Small is the only freshman on the boys' cross country team.

Provided by Luke Small

Luke Small is the only freshman on the boys' cross country team.

Years played: 3 years

Height: 5’4”

Pre-game meal: spaghetti and meatballs

Hype song: doesn’t have one

Inspiration: Carter Blunt

Future job: runner or astronaut

Wingspan: What’s the hardest part about running?

Small: “Waking up early in the morning and sometimes you don’t know if it’s going to be worth it or not, but it eventually is.”

Wingspan: How do you prepare for a meet?

Small: “Just not doing much the day before, just resting a lot, laying around, and then going to bed early and being ready the next morning.”

Wingspan: What is your best memory on the cross country team?

Small: “The Lovejoy meet this year, it was really fun and I ran a PR.”

Wingspan: How is it being the only freshman on varsity?

Small: “It’s kinda hard because there is a bunch of really good seniors and athletes and im just a freshman so I mean I’m placing pretty bad in the meets but I’m still running some PR’s.”

Wingspan: How do you train to keep up with the upperclassmen?

Small: “I just try to stay with them at practice.”

Wingspan: What other races have you done outside of school?

Small: “I’ve done three rock and roll half marathons, and just a lot of 5k’s and stuff.”

Wingspan: How do you train during the offseason?
Small: “This summer I’m planning on running a lot, like increasing the mileage to like 40-50 a week and just getting a lot of miles in.”