Senior service hours due Saturday

Olivia Kirklin, Editor-in-chief

Seniors wanting a red service cord to wear at graduation must submit their volunteer hours Saturday via x2vol. In order for the required 100 hours to count, they must be both logged and verified.

“When seniors enter those hours, they should be putting their volunteer coordinator’s contact information and the system will then email that person to get the hours verified,” counselor’s clerk Shannon Webre said.  “Once I see that they’re verified, I’ll approve them.”

Although the 100 hours are not required for graduation, senior Caroline Chandler said it’s worth it.

“I completed all 100 hours,” senior Caroline Chandler said. “I think it’s a great way to help the community and you get a special cord to wear to graduation. The process of logging hours isn’t difficult at all, it can just get tedious having to make sure everyone is contacted and the dates are in correctly.”

Last year, more than half of the senior class logged their hours for approval.

“It’s important to complete these hours because it definitely teaches you responsibility and to learn to help where you can,” senior Shehryar Sheik said. “The work you do will impact the people you help, and colleges also look at your hours so it benefits you and others in the long run.”