Abortion protests continue


Megan Lin

Last week’s protests drew in crowds by the dozens, but Monday morning’s demonstration was significantly smaller.

Megan Lin, Editor-in-chief

Anti-abortion protesters were back in front of the school demonstrating Monday morning but the number of students protesting was significantly less than Thursday or Friday. One of the few students out to show up Monday was junior Hunter Moncada who plans to protest until the abolitionists leave.

“It’s not about pro-life or pro-choice, it’s much broader than that,” Moncada said. “They feel it’s necessary to protest at a high school, where it’s not appropriate. We have a daycare right down there, we have Vandeventer Middle School right down there. For them to stand out here and tell me it’s appropriate, is incorrect.”

One of the anti-abortion protesters told the Dallas Morning News that student involvement encouraged them to return but with no plans beyond Monday.

“There’s really no plan except for God will take care of tomorrow, I know we’re here today and I might be dead tomorrow,” anti-abortion protester Amanda Lucas said. “I plan to do somewhere, even until school is over. I’m not real sure where my brothers and sisters here are going to be.”