Summer a time to get ahead for some


Mady Daddario

From the ACT to SAT, to taking a CBE, some students will be spending part of their summer trying to get ahead in their high school career.

Lucas Barr, Staff Reporter

As many look students look towards eleven weeks of free time, others are seizing the opportunity to boost their academic resumes.

“Over the summer I’m taking KD which is an ACT and SAT prep and I’ll be doing that all summer, and taking practice tests,” sophomore Yael Ben David. “I’m also having a tutor that will tutor me in a law class, mock trial.”

Some students would rather be earning some extra cash working, with the national teen employment rate being 31.3 percent in the summer of 2014.

“This summer I got a job at PDQ, it’s a casual restaurant. I will be a cook, cashier, waiter, whatever they need me to do,” sophomore Tanmay Mathur said. “I wanted to experience what real work was like to feel a greater sense of responsibility.”

Volunteering will be the focus for other students this summer.

“I’m going to go volunteer at Frisco Family Services because I believe in giving back to the community,” sophomore Gouri Nair said. “I have more free time then. During school I just want to focus on clubs and extracurriculars and school work.”

In September 2015, 21.8 percent of people aged 16-24 volunteered, with a large part of the demographic being students.

“This summer is where I really need to get myself together, where I have to start being more of an adult for the future,” Mathur said. “For volunteering it’s whatever my parents want me to do, because we have a community and love volunteering.”