Economics classroom undergoes magical makeover

Divya Murali

Divya Murali, WTV Special Projects Producer

For as long as economics teacher, Fred Kaiser has been in room C112, the sole decoration on the wall was a poster of British actor, Sean Connery.

Since mid-February, the room has slowly been transformed as it’s previously plain walls are taking on the look of Potter world.

“It seems like it would be more welcoming and a lot of people, even if they are not really into harry potter as much as other people, most people are familiar with it and it’s better than the bland walls, it’s just more inviting,” said economics teacher Fred Kaiser.

It began when class of 2017 graduate, Allie Glass made a Gryffindor poster for Kaiser.

“I made a poster for Kaiser at the beginning of the school year and I don’t know where he got this idea from but he just wanted his whole room to be harry potter themed and I just kind of volunteered to paint,” said class of 2017 graduate Allie Glass.

Students used white butcher paper to cover the walls, then sketched the images onto the paper, and finished the mural by painting it with acrylic paint.

“The room was kind of bare and bland and a lot of the students like it and I had a lot of cool and talented art students make something cool in the classroom,” Kaiser said.

For those interested in helping finish the room, please visit Coach Kaiser in room C112.

I’m Divya Murali with Wingspan TV.