Trunk-or-Treat starts Halloween festivities

Kennedy Williams

Caitlyn Kleibert, WTV Daily Update Producer

Trunk or Treat took place yesterday in the band parking lot. Students had the chance to volunteer and hand out candy to children from nearby neighborhoods. Different clubs on campus decorated cars as well as dressing up based on their selected themes. Some themes that were included were Disney, food, and puns. Students saw this as a way to spread the Halloween spirit and give back to the community.

“Well, I think that it spreads the halloween spirit by just getting these kids out here,” junior Dionn Lacy said. “They can get candy and just have a good time overall and just, get to like, walk around and just show their spirit.”

“This event kind of spreads the Halloween spirit just because it gets the community all in one area and kind of just gets, you know it gets kids excited to be on Halloween,” senior Kirk Niekamp said. “It lets kids see, like, their future while to see that like teenagers can still have fun on Halloween also. So, it’s kind of a great event.”

However, some students feel nostalgic and remember their Halloween days as they are transitioning into adulthood.

“Yeah, I mean, I would always go door to door and just buy candy, like get candy,” junior Aten Kumar said. “Give me candy, give me candy, and I see these kids going around and it just reminds me of my days so.”

Not only did this event give students a chance to dress up and spend time with their fellow club members, children got to experience a second Halloween… This one a night early and without the chance of rain.