Life after the play

Kia Dunlop

Kia Dunlop, WTV Staff Reporter

After the showing of Little Women the Musical in late November and early December, the theatre department’s six classes have moved on to different things.

“We have actually theatre classes one through four and then we have a class called Theatre Productions which is our highest level class,” sophomore Lauren Head said. “So I am in three, four, and in productions. In three and four we’re working on scenes and just scene work and characterization and then in productions we’re starting to work on our UIL play coming up in the spring.”

But along with the class work, theatre is still a fun environment for students outside of the productions. With the UIL One Act Play not starting until March, theatre students are ready to enjoy a bit of down time.

“The thing I’m looking most forward to is probably getting to work on scenes with Mrs. [Heather] Willingham and right now we’re having senior directors picking out their scenes and actors and it’s just really fun to go through and do different scenes and become different characters,” Olivia Brucker said. “My favorite thing after the show for theatre is the lazy days when we play improv rehearsals where we play games and it’s just really fun.”

Reporting for Wingspan TV, I’m Kia Dunlop.