Parenting series takes on sex, drugs and cell phones

Olivia Kirklin, Guest Contributor

It can be difficult for parents to be fully aware of what’s taking place in their child’s life. To help combat this, FISD is hosting a parenting series presentation Tuesday evening at 5:45 p.m. on the topic of “Sex, Drugs, and the Cell Phone”.

“When parents have more awareness of these issues then there’s more help that they can offer their kids,” therapist Vanessa Sanford said. “It will help make things more understandable so that there will no longer be some of these issues.”

The free event is one of many in a Parenting Series being held at the FISD Administration Building throughout the school year. For parents, cell phones can present some issues for their children.

“They miss out on how to communicate face to face,” parent Whitney Chandler said. “Cell phones can isolate them in a personal way from each other.”

For many parents cell phones are the root of many problems involving students and children today and this edition of the parenting series could help resolve some issues.  

“Attending this event would be helpful in getting the most up to date information on how dangerous sex and drugs are and if cell phones are playing a part in promoting these types activities,” Chandler said.

Students may not be willing to ditch their phones, but many acknowledge the issues presented by handheld electronic devices

“I tend to get on a cell phone too much,” junior Sarah Shannon said. “This can be distracting from school work and home life and creates a problem for teens.”

The event is designed to communicate information about what could really be happening on cell phones

“The biggest message for parents to walk away with is that they don’t have to have all the answers and know how to handle every difficult topic,” Sanford said. “It will mostly help to bridge awareness.”