Opinion: Take a break from cyberspace


Megan Lin

A student scrolls through the Explore section of Snapchat. Texting and social media language has been said to effect how students talk and write in school.

Isabella Escobar, Guest Contributor

Our generation is the first one to have access to a device at all times. Before this, not everyone carried phones everywhere and even more, nobody used it for everyday things. But now, devices have taken over our lives.

Decreasing screen time is probably not something you’d think about, but it’s something that will most likely influence your life. In high school, your phone can sometimes feel like your best friend, but it can’t be all you relate to in life.

People need human interaction and real life relationships/experiences as it’s important to find who you are away from your phone.

There are so many advantages to having a phone such as keeping in contact with people, easy access to information, entertainment when you’re bored. However, with these advantages come disadvantages such as not realizing what’s around you, not fully paying attention to things and people, and losing who you are in your device.

High school is one of those places that you most likely won’t find someone without a phone in their hands, and that can get in the way of learning. Students mainly tend to dislike the teachers that take up their phones, but sometimes that’s the only way to get a student’s attention these days.

If students knew how to go a couple hours without a device, teachers wouldn’t need to take them up. But sadly, that’s not how it goes, our phones, computers, and tablets are who we are. Many people say that their whole lives are in their phones and in this generation looking into someone’s phone is an invasion of privacy.

So many people cannot function or don’t know what to do without a phone on them 24/7. But here’s an idea, go out, hang out with your real friends, not the ones in your phone; maybe you’ll find a new hobby if you put down the screens.

If you take a break from the screen world, you’ll notice how pretty the real one is. You’ll notice that your device isn’t all that defines you, and there’s more to you then you probably would’ve even known.