Review: Cane’s is the copycat


Aaron Boehmer

Layne’s Chicken Fingers recently opened at 102 Central Expy S, Allen, TX 75013.

Aaron Boehmer, Staff Reporter

Fried chicken; a crisp delicacy founded by the Scots and enhanced in flavor by African Americans when introduced to southern America. There are two restaurants in the area known for their chicken and a controversial who-is-better battle; Layne’s and Cane’s. Not only do their  names rhyme, but their menus are virtually the same, and they are in direct competition with one another.

However, only one can claim to better than the other.

Both restaurants are centered around their chicken. Cane’s chicken isn’t the most flavorful thing in the world and can sometimes lack the crispy factor that is supposed to accompany a piece of fried chicken.

On the other hand, at Layne’s, the chicken was crispy and had a hint of spice.

Both places serve fries with their chicken fingers, which taste about the same, as well as a slice of Texas toast. Cane’s toast is thicker and has a more buttery flavor than Layne’s, which tastes like a normal piece of toast.

A ‘special’ sauce used to dip the chicken, fries, and toast is also served at both restaurants and tastes almost identical; mayo and ketchup but Layne’s tastes somewhat like when you try to make Cane’s sauce at home.

To wash it all down, sweet tea, aka the best item on Cane’s menu, aka a bucket of sugar and a hint of tea. Cane’s eight ounce cup has 21 grams of sugar in it; almost as much sugar content as a Snickers bar.

Layne’s sweet tea pales in comparison to Cane’s, as it lacks the feeling that your teeth are about to fall off; a good feeling if you really like sweet tea and I really like sweet tea.

Aaron Boehmer
Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is a popular place for students to grab some food near campus.

The main difference between the restaurants is the sandwich options. Layne’s has two options; one being three chicken fingers with ‘secret’ sauce and bacon in between two slices of Texas toast and the other is the same but without the bacon.

Cane’s, however, has only one sandwich order; three chicken fingers with Cane’s sauce and lettuce on a kaiser roll. These three orders are basically the same thing, except one has different bread and a piece of lettuce and the other has some bacon on it.

To be honest, these two restaurants are very alike in menu and overall concept. They also share the same inspiration, as they are eerily similar to a fast food franchise, which was made first in 1990, called Zaxby’s, while Layne’s was made in 1994 and Cane’s in 1996.

Yes, I said it. Layne’s was started first. Which means, Cane’s, you’re the real copycat.