Empire state of mind for senior swimmer


Kasey Harvey

Senior Julia Cole reached a life long goal of continuing her swimming career after committing to Adelphi University Wednesday morning.

Kasey Harvey, Sports Editor

Part of a history making girls’ relay team that saw girls advance to the state meet for the first time since 2012, senior Julia Cole signed with Adelphi University Wednesday morning in a ceremony in front of friends, family and teammates. Wingspan Sports Editor Kasey Harvey caught up with Cole to talk about her signing.

Wingspan: When did you start swimming?

Cole: “I started swimming when I was six, so 12 years.”

Wingspan: What got you started?

Cole: “My dad, he’s a triathlete. I already had been on a track team so he was like let’s learn to swim. I joined a recreational team and since I was six, I’ve gone every night. I just loved it so I have been swimming for 12 years now.”

Wingspan: What fuels your passion to swim?

Cole: “Ever since I was little, my dad wanted me to swim. At first, I really did not enjoy swim at all. Doing it everyday is something that keeps me motivated, in shape, it balances all my other things I have to do in life. Making progress, meeting a new friends, a team that also loves to swim is fun.”

Wingspan: What do you think that transition is going to be like from high school swimming to college swimming?

Cole: “It’s going to be a lot different I think because it’s going to be at a collegiate level. It’s probably going to be a lot more practicing, putting more hours in. It’s going to be a different team so it’s a lot of getting used to especially in a new environment. I’m moving from Texas to New York so it’s going to be a lot different but hopefully a little bit of the same.”

Wingspan: What are you expecting from being a college athlete?

Cole: “Moving from high school to college is something that I’ve always wanted. I think college will give me a sense of growth so I’ll feel extended in my swimming career. I want to improve.”

Wingspan: What other schools were you contemplating?

Cole: “A couple other schools in the northeast. I was either going to Adelphi University, East Stroudsburg, or Manhattan College. I chose Adelphi because it just worked best for academic and swimming.”

Wingspan: What are you expecting from getting a whole new set of teammates and coaches? How different do you think it’ll be?

Cole: “I’m a little nervous because I’m so used to these people that I’ve been with for four years. It’s going to be a change but I was born in New York and I am a little bit familiar with the setting. I have a few friends from childhood that are also going to Adelfi so I think that will be cool. I already visited the college and made some friends that are already on the team so I think the change shouldn’t be as brutal as I’m nervous for but it’ll definitely be exciting. I love to make new friends so it’s an exciting change.”