History repeats as an old class returns

Minuki Medis

Minuki Medis, Staff Reporter

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AP European History is a class once again after not being offered on campus since 2015-2016.

For teacher Ashley Mayfield, teaching the class is a personal passion. 

“I want to teach European history because while I love world history which is what I teach right now, I teach world history and Ap World History, my favorite subject in all of history is European history,” Mayfield said. “So I’m really pumped to get to teach it and kind of share my love for history with the other students. They’ve had AP European history here in the past so how I’m going to teach it will be pretty similar, it’ll also be similar to Ap World History and US History in terms of the format of the AP test.”

For junior Giorgia Mastrolorenzo, AP Euro provides the chance to learn on a more personal level.

“Well history is one of my favorite subjects and my parents are from the south of Europe so it’s kind of like an opportunity that they usually think that the base choices for history are World History and US History,” Mastrolorenzo said. “But now this year specifically they’re kind of giving this extra thing that for me it’s an opportunity to learn more about and understand what my parents are talking about.”