Homecoming hype train gains steam


Maddie Aronson

Part of the planning done by Pop Parties was a lunch time dance off. The use of a professional party planner was made with such a short time between the start of school on August 16 and the dance Saturday night.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-Chief

Thumping music and the shouts of a DJ filled the cafeteria Thursday during all lunches as student council revved up its homecoming preparations.

“Homecoming is really fast this year,” student body president Wade Glover said. “It’s the third week of school and we want to make sure people know that coming in. This is a condensed time schedule so we are pulling out all the stops to make sure people know and they get excited.”

With the dance a little more than a week away on Sept. 8, Kings of Prom owner Nate Nelson spent all four lunches trying to build the hype for homecoming.

“We are trying to come in and really just create excitement and create a really cool experience for all the students so that they can come and have fun and celebrate with their friends,” Nelson said. “We want to be in every school district creating experiences for everybody.”

Featuring dance contests and a T-shirt giveaway, students such as sophomore Gabrielle Mitchell made the most out of the half hour break.

“I think it was really fun for everyone to dance together,” sophomore Gabrielle Mitchell said. “All my friends went and it was songs that we listen to all the time so it made it a lot more fun. It definitely makes lunch go by a lot faster when you’re having that much fun.”