StuCo kicks off year’s first club forum


Roy Nitzan

Student Council vice president Amna Haque addresses representatives of student-led organizations on campus. Thursday's meeting was part of a club outreach program that began last year.

Lucas Barr, Editor-in-Chief

Student Council hosted its first club forum of the year in the lecture hall Thursday, offering resources to club representatives and creating a club community.

“We make it a priority to help other school because they’re representing liberty as well,” Student Council vice president Amna Haque said. “So if they have any ideas and things like that we’re willing to provide them with the resources you know things like that to make their ideas into reality.”

Despite Student Council’s efforts to engage in a dialogue, there was a low turnout of about a dozen representatives in attendance.

“I emailed as many sponsors I could find, but everyone who leads a club or sponsors a club should really consider coming because it is truly to help you guys,” club forum coordinator Madalyn Roehrig said via text message. “So all we want to do is make sure that concerns and any needs can be handled as well as possible for the benefit of the school.”

Sam Mills, the representative of the campus’ People to People International club which raises awareness for humanitarianism and cultural diversity, is grateful for the outreach.

“I feel that StuCo can definitely help with organization of our club,” Mills said. We’re planning to get something organized for club fair, to produce flyers to advertise our brand, so they’ll definitely be a big help on that.”

For any club representatives not in attendance, there will be a club forum hosted the last Thursday of every month.

“Club representatives should come to the club forum because if they have ideas, we are willing to provide the resources to make them into a reality,” Haque said. “It is important for the leaders of our school, club representatives as well as Student Council, to have a role in making the year the best it can be.”