Far from a nightmare, Dreamers leave lasting impression


Picture provided by Madeline Aronson

Staff reporter Madeline Aronson(on right) met a member of the Dreamers band, Marc Nelson.

Maddie Aronson, Staff Reporter

California is home to many of the nation’s most iconic bands, like Maroon 5, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. These artists have huge followings across the globe, but a new wave of alternative rock is rising up from LA. One of those is indie rock band Dreamers (along with opening acts Morgxn and Weathers) who made a stop at the Dallas House of Blues Monday on their first ever headlining tour.

Because of their recent release of their EP Fly, the beginning of the show consisted mainly of the latest songs, which built up the the energy in the audience as time went on into more well known tunes.

The last half the show was dedicated to crowd pleasers, where the energy really skyrocketed, and the swell of drums, guitar, and scream-singing from fans was overwhelming. The show consisted of dazzling multi-color strobe lights, fog machines in the rafters, crowd surfing by fans and performers alike, and continuous synchronized jumping that came in waves throughout the night. Between songs, the band members would occasionally throw souvenirs into the crowd, including guitar picks and set lists.

After the show, Dreamers and Weathers made an appearance for a free meet and greet and gave fans an opportunity to take pictures and get autographs. For some artists, this is a time to cash in, so being able to have members from each group sign a set list and take pictures was the ultimate treat for fans. Even better, all of the performers were beyond friendly, and incredibly willing to chat and answer almost any questions the fans asked.

With the amazing atmosphere, and energetic performance, Dreamers and their co-performers are bound to be a household names, like their Californian predecessors in the music industry.