Staff takes new lengths to enforce ID badges


Mady Daddario

The cafeteria is now using eco-friendly serviceware for all meals in hopes of reducing its impact on the environment. Replacing styrofoam bowls and trays, the new products are both compostable and durable enough to withstand students’ lunches.

Melody Tavallaee, Managing Editor

Two months into the school year and students are already neglecting to follow the new ID rule that requires an ID badge to be worn throughout the school day. To better enforce this policy, students not wearing the ID’s to lunch will be required to get them before entering the cafeteria beginning Tuesday.

“We are having more and more students report to lunch without their student ID,” assistant principal Jason Harris said via email sent to staff members Monday afternoon. “Starting tomorrow students who report to the cafeteria without their ID will be sent back to the class to retrieve it. The front office will contact the teacher to report back to their classroom to unlock the door for the student(s).”

Senior Vijay Jain believes that the current ID policy does not successfully persuade students to actually wear ID’s.

“Plenty of people are not actually wearing their ID,” Jain said. “I think that it’s way too easy to get away with not wearing your ID and I don’t feel like it’s enforced well enough.”

Jain thinks that this new rule will help the attempts in implementing the ID rule throughout the campus.

“I think it makes logical sense,” Jain said. “I guess that if they’re going to enforce the ID rule, it should be enforced through all aspects of the high school experience throughout the day.”