Band marches to Lone Star Drumline Contest

Kennedy Williams, WTV Staff Reporter

Marching band’s competitive marching season is over, but the biggest event for the drumline is yet to come. Drumline hits the road tomorrow after the Veteran’s Day Parade heading to Marcus High School to compete in the Lone Star Drumline Contest.

59 groups from the DFW area will be competing at the competition making it the largest of its kind in Texas.

For director Johnathan Jadvani, the drumline show is unique from a typical marching band show for a couple reasons.

“It’s just a different way to see these students up closer, whereas drumline would traditionally be someone around that back hash or midfield during a marching band show, you’re not going to get that up close and personal viewing of the group,” Jadvani said. “Through the drumline show, you’re going to be able to see everything from a much better perspective.”