Lights, camera, rain


Kate Graham

After months of rehearsing, the cast and crew and ready to debut their performance of “Singing in the Rain”. The show opens Thursday at 7 p.m. in the auditorium with additional shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Prachurjya Shreya, Managing Editor

With rain pouring down in the auditorium, lights flooding the stage, and students singing and dancing, the theater department debuts its fall musical Singin’ in the Rain on Thursday in the auditorium.

“The biggest thing was singing in the rain is how do you incorporate all of the dances, the scene in the acting and then all of the massive tech,” theater Heather Willingham said.  “So the biggest thing has been in bringing those pieces together and it’s been tricky, but we’ve got an amazing group and it’s happening.”

Actors and actresses have been working day and night to prepare for opening night.

“A lot of hard work, writing down cues, making sure we all know our blocking studying our lines every night,” senior Stafford Johnson said. “Staying here until 10:30 at night or later if required.”

Hanging posters around campus and spreading the word about showtimes, Willingham is optimistic for a good turn out.

“My hopes for the musical is that the community comes and just loves it,” she said. “And has a blast and continues to come and support our theater because of the time they have in the theater with us during the show.”

Johnson hopes the community supports the department by coming to the show.

“I hope we sell a lot of tickets,” Johnson said. “I hope we impress everyone that sees it.”