PSAT scores arrive for sophomores and juniors


Kasey Harvey

Two months after taking the PSAT on Oct. 9, sophomores and juniors on campus will receive their PSAT scores on Tuesday. But the wait has just begun for those hoping for a National Merit Scholarship as semifinalists are not announced until the fall.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

College Board emails flooded in on Monday morning as sophomores and juniors received their  PSAT scores from the Oct. 9 practice test.

“PSAT of scores have a variety of levels of important depending on what year you are,” counselor Staci Stokes said. “For 10th grade students really it’s just a baseline to see how you would do on the SAT. It’s really just a practice. For juniors, the PSAT score have a bigger importance because that can lead to national merit scholarship money.”

With National Merit Scholarships a possibility for high scoring juniors, PSAT scores can be a source of potential money for college.

“I narrowly missed the cut off but I might be able to do alternate entry and maybe become a semi finalist and apply,” junior Sam Mills said. “So I’m kind of in a grey area right now. I think it’s a good benchmark as to where you need to improve and what you should expect.”

For sophomore Luke Blasingame, his score sets him up for success as he gets ready to take the SAT test.

“I’ll probably study for it a little more next year,” Blasingame said. “I wasn’t really trying this time because I just wanted to see what I could do without studying. It affects my confidence because I did well and I didn’t expect to do so well without studying and I’ll be even more confident next year with studying.”