Library renovations to wrap up by Monday


Prachurjya Shreya

Saturday’s Librarypalooza at Centennial offers students a chance to talk with authors and illustrators. From children’s book authors to science and robotics activities, the event aims to appeal to local families and kids of all ages.

Melody Tavallaee, Managing Editor

After nearly five weeks of renovations, the library is set to reopen Monday.

“What we wanted to do was take the tall shelves and cut them shorter and, and put them on wheels,” librarian Chelsea Hamilton said. “They did that all over break so everything is cut and ready and I set the shelves; now we’re just loading everything up.”

As the opening date approaches, Hamilton believes that the renovation process went smoothly, with everything staying on schedule.

“Everything’s on schedule,” Hamilton said. “I was really pleased with how the construction crew got everything done, we need to get all these extra shelves out and just rearrange all of the furniture, we want it to be a flexible learning environment for everybody.”

The new structure of the shelves allows for a more open space, which Hamilton believes will increase the security inside the library.

“For one thing it was a security hazard,” Hamilton. “I couldn’t see my entire library and there were places that I didn’t have eyes on and so we wanted to fix that and then we wanted the shelves movable so we could rearrange as needed.”

The new changes will affect the way the library can be used by teachers and students, with more flexibility allowing for more versatility.

“We’re creating two separate class spaces so more than one class can come in and work in the library at a time and they don’t have to worry about encroaching on each other’s space,” Hamilton said. “Another reason we wanted to put them on wheels was if there was a presentation or an event happening in the library, we wanted to make sure that we would have enough room for everybody. So now the way the shelves are, I can move everything out of the way thing, clear the space for whatever’s going on, and then just move it all back at the end of the day. So it just it makes it more of a central part of the school, something that everybody can use, not just tosses coming and doing research.”