2019-20 class registration to feature online access


Kasey Harvey

The deadline to change course requests for the 2021-22 school year is Jan. 1. Students can access and edit their schedules through the Home Access Center to make any adjustments.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-in-chief

Although the second semester is only in its second week, class registration and scheduling for the 2019-20 school year starts on Wednesday and Thursday.

“I think timelines are really important when it comes to registration,” head counselor Stephanie Mueller said. “We are going to hit every ninth through eleventh grade social studies classroom for just a brief presentation.”

Students are also going to have the opportunity to access their schedules online through HAC to make changes.

“I think some kids, they know what they’re going to take, they don’t have questions, and so doing online would be super easy,” history teacher Ashley Mayfield said. “But, I think having an in person option is helpful for those kids who maybe don’t know what level to take or there may be wanting to take some electives and they don’t know if it has prerequisites for that. I think that can be very helpful so they can kind of ask the questions in person versus having to sign up for a time to meet with a counselor or email them and hope to get an email back so I can see benefits of both.”

The ability to make changes online is going to make things easier for some students.

“It would be easy to do it online because it is just more convenient,” sophomore Juan Pablo Trujillo said. “Generally, I have a good idea of what I want to do. If something else calls my attention for the week than I would change it and it would be more convenient if one had the ability to do it online.”