JWAC takes on worldly quest


Three students in JWAC placed in the top 30 out of 94 at the Academic WorldQuest Competitions. Throughout the competitions, the students were able to learn about different world views and current events.

Kasey Harvey and Dea-Mallika Divi

Junior World Affairs Council competed in the Academic WorldQuest Competitions on Tuesday with all three of the Redhawks’ teams placing in the top 30 out of 94 at University of Texas at Arlington.

“I think the kids had a lot of fun going they learned a lot about world events which is kind of cool,” JWAC sponsor Tim Johannes said. “They got to see that there’s a lot of really smart people out there, which was interesting. Hopefully they learned what it takes to be super successful or to be at the next level.”

Competed with his topics, “bridging divides to build peace and great decisions,” sophomore Adarsh Javvaji enjoys the aspect of staying up to date in world affairs.

“I really like to hear about current events and specifically how people’s worldviews can change based on different values they may have and how people can compromise with one another,” Javvaji said. “I felt that this competition really helped to bring light to that in the world in general and how did you prepare for your event and just as a as a team as a whole.”

Placing in top third, JWAC students came home with their heads held high and new goals to seek in the future.

“We looked up the teams that won,” JWAC officer Gurnoor Narula said. “We’re going to try implementing their strategies as it’s worked for them, which includes mainly having more weekly meetings, making sure everybody studying throughout the competition process and making sure that we executed on a more efficient way.”