Comfort combined with cappuccinos


Olivia Kirklin

The atmosphere of the coffeehouse is rather inviting and altogether very warm in color and texture.

Olivia Kirklin, Staff Reporter

From a quiet atmosphere to seemingly homemade drinks, the quaint Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse sits tucked away in the streets of downtown Plano.

When walking in, customers are welcomed by the friendly faces of employees. Before even placing an order, employees behind the counter make the customer feel like they are the most important person there, asking if they need assistance or have any questions about the menu. They focus on you and offer an inviting smile while doing so.

Although the menu does not offer as wide of a variety as a chain like Starbucks, what is offered is sectioned off into a hot or cold menu, making it easy for the customer to follow. They offer everything from sodas, to smoothies, lattes, espressos, and hot chocolate. Prices range anywhere from $2 to $6, which seems unreasonable for one drink, for example, a cup of hot chocolate was about $5, but it deserves to be given a chance.

The hot chocolate at the coffeehouse does not disappoint with a rich, velvety flavor.
Olivia Kirklin
The hot chocolate at the coffeehouse does not disappoint with a rich, velvety flavor.

For non-coffee drinkers, the hot chocolate meets higher than average expectations. When presented to the customer it is served warm and on a coffee saucer, making it much more professional than a plastic cup. The drink itself is prepared without an excessive amount of chocolate and includes a reasonable amount of whipped cream. Additionally, the shop offers a variety of pastries, but customers do not feel forced to order them.

One of the most noticeable factors of the shop is how well it is maintained. Not a spill or chair is left untidy, leaving the shop exceptionally clean from the floors to the windows. Not to mention all the decorations from the floor up. Instead of the basic metal chair and table combination, there are multiple couches and lounges to choose from, unique and bright walls and antique picture frames, along with a number of other aspects that make the shop appealing to the eye. Customers may even choose to dine outside, perfect for the fall weather.

Additionally, it is easy to see that this coffeeshop is the perfect place for a student to study or socialize. The lighting is dim and low lit, excluding the decorative lamps and lighting above. There is no distracting music, and the workers respect your space and the type of environment you seem to be seeking, making it easy to focus on any task at hand.

As it seems this is the perfect coffeehouse, getting there may be worse thing. Due to its downtown setting, there isn’t much parking, especially during the day. But despite the bustling restaurants and shops around, this quiet and underrated coffeehouse is more than worth the visit.

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Inside, the coffeehouse feels comfortable to customers with upholstered chairs and cushioned couches for seating.