Getting ready for AP tests, mock exams begin Saturday


Melody Tavallaee

In preparation for AP exams in May, begin Saturday in the gymnasium. The mock exams are a chance for students planning to take the actual exams to see what the real test will be like and subject areas they need further practice with.

Yael Even and Ava Peinhardt

Mock AP exams, designed to give students an idea of what’s in store for them in May, begin Saturday in the gymnasium.

“Mock exams are a good thing to offer to students because it allows them to see the ins and outs of the AP test without taking the real thing,” Banerjee said. “They’re also free, which is pretty convenient seeing as how AP tests can get pricey if you take a lot.”

While mock exams are offered entirely for the benefit of students, in some cases they are a required part of the course.

“I’m taking a mock exam for every AP class I’m in,” junior Bharaathi Ventaka said. “A majority of them will be in class and for a grade. I’m also taking them even if they’re not a grade to get exposure to what the test might be like, and to see how I feel and if I’m comfortable with it.”

Ventaka sees mock exams as a way to find out what parts of the curriculum she needs to brush up on.

“We spend the whole year learning, but we don’t do many cumulative tests so it makes it really easy to forget a lot of things we might see on an AP test,” she said. “The mock exams also really give me a chance to learn how to manage my time on the actual test.”

Despite their tediousness, mock exams truly allow students to understand what taking an AP test is like.

“I feel like mock exams are really important in establishing the understanding of college-level tests,” senior Jessica Bemis said. “Sure, you have tests in AP classes that are harder than on-level, but having all the content of the course packed into one test that you get a couple hours to take is a stressful situation. It’s better if you have a practice run so you know what to expect.”

For AP Language teacher, Chad Doty, the mock exam will help him understand students knowledge.

“I think the main thing is even though we did all the parts of the test, not all students have gotten feedback on those different parts, they haven’t had to do it all at once,” Doty said. “So even something like having to write a timed essay after completing a multiple choice practice and waking up at 7:30 a.m. would help.”

Not only do mock exams students, but they can help teachers too.

“I think it will give me a sense of students will do on the exam,” Doty said. “It will give me data and show me trends of students strength and weaknesses that will help me create lessons.”