Lessons from the art world

Akhil Katuri, WTV Staff Reporter

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Art, being a relatively subjective area of study, is mostly understood from different angles among both students and teachers, who made art a major part of their life and careers.

For AP drawing and PAP art 2 teacher Pernie Fallon, art helps us bridge the gap between what we see and what we don’t see.

“There are so many aspects and facets in the world, and artists have an eye for seeing, and helps us see things that we don’t see otherwise,” Fallon said. “We have politics, we have beauty in nature, personalities in people, and just so many different areas you can focus on.”

For senior Imi Hunter, art provides her the freedom of creativity, and an outlet to channelize her energy.

“I enjoy it, because it’s like freedom of creativity, so like there are so many different ways you can do art, and the way that I make it with my own style, and I like the way I get that creative freedom,” Hunter said. “It also gives me an outlet to destress myself.”

Art also teaches some important life skills that can be used in other aspects of life, helps people become better at the things done on a daily basis, and also helps improve skills that can benefit people in the future.

“It teaches us like time management, because like for animation you have specific deadlines, and if you don’t meet that deadline then it could mess up the movie, or the gaming animation,” Hunter said. “For drawing, meeting a deadline is really important, so time management is something that I have learned from art.”

“Art teaches us to focus,” Fallon said. “It teaches us to express our ideas visually. It helps us to understand other things, and just understand life in general. It teaches us hand-eye coordination skills, whether you want to be an artist or surgeon, you have that ability to home in the ability to connect what you see to what comes out of your hand.”