Board games aim to destress before AP tests


Kasey Harvey

StuCo is hosting a board game event prior to the start of testing for students to destress.

Yael Even, Staff Reporter

Students have the chance to get their game on during advisory on Thursday as Student Council hosts a board game event prior to the start of AP tests and more STAAR exams.

“We decided to put it on to increase community and allow students to relieve stress during the AP testing season,” StuCo member, senior, Madeline Kennedy said. “I’m looking forward to having lots of students participate.”

From Monopoly to Sorry to food and drinks, junior Tristan Maravilla believes it is a must to attend.
“There will be free games and food to play in the lecture hall,” Maravilla said. “Anyone is welcome to come and bring a game.”

Taking a number of AP tests himself, Maravilla thinks a board game day can only help him.

“As we learned from Redhawk Rant, stress can derail your brain and hurt your studying,” Maravilla said. “Anything that would help me kick back and relax before the tests would surely benefit me.”

Junior Ben Afrid doesn’t think board game day will help him academically, but he won’t be sorry about going.

“I don’t think it will really change anything about school but it’s just a fun activity during school,” Afrid said. “I’m excited for the food, and to play some games.”