Breaking for annual senior breakfast


Yael Even

Most of the senior class gathered for some sweet treats in the cafeteria Tuesday morning for the annual Leaving the Nest breakfast. For some, this was a bittersweet moment with graduation just under two weeks away.

Yael Even, Staff Reporter

Food and prizes were just part of the festivities in the cafeteria for seniors Tuesday morning at the 3rd annual Leaving the Nest breakfast.

“It is a final opportunity for senior students to enjoy time together as a class prior to graduation,” counselor Staci Stokes said. “It’s a chance to review important graduation and end of year information with seniors such as how to pick up their diplomas or order a final transcript.”

Seeing his entire class together was a nice moment for senior Sid Sadhu.

“I liked how all of my closest senior friends were able to hang out and see each other in the morning,” Sadhu said. “It was also cool seeing how many kids are in my class because I’ve never seen all of the people I’m my class before.”

The end of high school can be a tough transition, but Sadhu is looking on the bright side.

“I feel bittersweet,” Sadhu said. “Bitter because I’m leaving my closest friends and family here, but sweet because I can make more friends, experience, and be on my own in the world.

Getting an award was nice because it really allowed you to look back in hindsight and see all that you’ve accomplished.”

Although senior Nick Hung is ready to graduate, he wouldn’t mind having a few extra moments with those closest to him.

“I really wish I just had some more time to spend with my friends and make more exciting memories before we all go our separate ways,” Hung said. “So it’s bittersweet, leaving the nest. I’m excited to start my new life and make new friends and memories, but at the same time I don’t think I’m ready to leave all of the amazing people I’ve met throughout middle school through high school just yet.”