Philosophy club set to take place on campus


Aaron Boehmer

Philosophy club will meet for the first time on Friday during advisory. Created by junior Tyler Brown, he hopes that the club will put student's minds to the test.

Yael Even, Managing Editor

An interest in philosophy led junior Tyler Brown to start the school’s first philosophy club which meets for the first time Friday during advisory.

“My plan is to conduct guided discussions based on problems philosophers have encountered in the past and see what solutions kids come up with and compare those to what the philosophers of the past decided,” Brown said.

As a new club, there’s no set agenda as to how things will work.

“The format of the Philosophy club will be highly dynamic and constantly adapting to the needs of the members,” Brown said. “I’m really looking forward to having good group conversation and seeing how the club meetings develop.”

Senior Giorgia Mastrolorenzo’s hopes to put her thoughts to the test.

“I’m looking forward to the club being just a springboard for students to converse and put to the test traditional ways of thinking or philosophical patterns that have been present in centuries of human thought,” Mastrolorenzo said. “It’s going to be an exciting place to dissect our ideas to logical thought together.”

English teacher, Beth Evans is sponsoring the club and thinks it could help students navigate today’s society. 

“Students should join because our world is a complex place,” Evans said. “We need more than concrete solutions to problems, we also need pathways to consider how we make decisions.”