Band launches annual Blitz Fundraiser


Sarah Boutouis

With The Little Elm Classic on Homecoming, September 28th, band members had to miss out on the annual event. Although members of the band didn't have a chance to go, the band is hosting its own Homecoming Saturday letting members to put down their instruments for one night.

Eden Brim, Staff Reporter

Racing against clock, band members will parciticpate in Band Blitz on Thursday, where they ask friends and family for donations in order to raise the most amount of money within 45 mintues in an attempt to meet their goal of $46,000. 

“It’s my favorite fundraiser,” band director Jamie Weaver said. “Before we used to have a nasty one, standing in the heat and being outdoors, and it didn’t raise a lot of money. However, this one raises three times the amount and we do it indoors.It is more dire than ever that we get our funds.” 

Although sophomore Jeamin Yun feels uncertain about the event, she recognizes it as a major contributor to the program’s yearly funding. 

“The fundraiser makes a lot of us uncomfortable, including me,” Yun said. “But it helps the band program and is a great opportunity to persist towards a trying goal.”