No break for school sports

The two week winter break will be filled with tournaments for wrestling, as well as both boys and girls basketball.

Kennedy Williams

The two week winter break will be filled with tournaments for wrestling, as well as both boys and girls basketball.

Arman Kafai, Lead Sports Reporter

While most students are at home over winter break, some athletes at the school will be taking part in games and tournaments.

“The Christmas break will bring both great competition for us, as well as much needed rest,” head wrestling coach Jason Thurston said. “We compete at a couple very tough tournaments this weekend at Coppell in the Santa Slam and Mrs. Claus Slam and follow that up with 8 days of rest in the middle of the year. The wrestlers will work out on their own and come back on the 28th to prepare for Grapevine Duals, another very tough tournament attracting teams from 3 states.”

On the court, girls basketball will battle it out at the Sandra Meadows Classic, one of the more prestigious tournaments in the southern United States.

“It is one of the biggest tournaments in the Southwestern US,” head coach Ross Reedy said. “It has teams from not only around the nation, but around the world, such as teams from Canada and Australia. Last year we made the finals, which was unheard of with the group we had. Regardless, it’s a great opportunity to be around each other and to go out to eat and play basketball, and just have some fun with each other.”

Boys basketball will participate in the Dallas Coca-Cola Tournament, continuing their tough non-district schedule.

“I think that our side of the bracket is a lot tougher than the bottom half,” head coach Marcus Eckert said. “We want to play those teams; we sought after them. Expectations are the same as always. We always want to play hard, smart and together, be an inspiration by how we play, win the extra possession and play as a family. We feel like if we do those things, we got a big chance of beating whoever we play.”

The boys soccer team will kick off their pre-season campaign with a game against Newman Smith and school alumni. Former seven year associate coach Jonathon Mikulas will return to Liberty at the alumni game, now head coach of Reedy High School.

“We’ve been playing against each other for about five months, so it’s time to play someone else,” head coach Fred Kasier said. “Playing against Mikulas will be very Splinter-Ninja Turtle esque.”