Setting records, Wenaas and Ransom reach new heights


Making Redhawk school history, seniors Lauren Ransom and Jenna Wenaas have broken campus records in volleyball, with unprecedented numbers in individual achievement, along with being the first two players to win 100 varsity games.

“Knowing that it’s the first time in school history feels pretty good,” Wenaas said. “It’s cool to know that we were the first to get those 100 wins, and I’m glad that our team has helped me and Lauren get there.”

Reaching 100 took both athletes four years of work and for Ransom, it’s been a goal since her first year with the program.

“It was pretty awesome when I got my 100th win, because I had been working towards that since my freshman year,” Ransom said. “I have been looking at the stats, and making sure everything was all in order, and that we were going to get that our senior year.”

With 2,145 assists since her freshman year, Ransom is now the Redhawks leader in this category, beating out the previous record of 1963 assists, set by 2019 graduate Ashley Pennington.

“I was looking at stats last year, and I started realizing that I was getting closer, and then I was watching it after every game this year,” Ransom said. “It has just made me fight for more points, and try to get everyone super excited for each point, so we could achieve those goals, and help other people achieve their goals, and it takes the whole team to do that.”

On the end of many of Ransom’s assists is Wenaas, who holds the school record of 2073 kills in varsity play, with 595 kills happening in this year’s record run through District 9-5A.

“It is really awesome for us, with the individual records, and I was just excited to have won 100 games, because when you think about it, that’s a lot of games,” Wenaas said. “A lot of hard work and determination was put into everything, to have discipline even in easy games, to get the wins that we’re going for.”

Both Wenaas and Ransom have played for head volleyball coach Ui Womble since they were freshman, and Womble recognizes that 100 wins and breaking school records is no small feat.

“It’s one of those things, where these kids stepped into being varsity athletes their freshman year, and really were crucial to our team since they were freshmen,” Womble said. “You don’t often get stats like that if you’re not doing a lot for the team.”

In their 4 years with the team, both girls have made a huge impact on the level of play, and success that the Redhawks have had, according to Womble.

“I think that we’re seeing our most successful run of Redhawk volleyball since the school opened,” Womble said. “We have had successful teams that have gone to playoffs and stuff like that, but as a whole, these last 5 years have been so many successful groups, and Lauren and Jenna have been a huge part of that.”