Redhawk volleyball sets up for first round of playoffs


Courtesy of @LHSRedhawkVball

While Heritage celebrated senior night, the volleyball team recognized head coach Ui Womble for her 300th varsity win with the Redhawk program. With Ransom and Wenaas hitting 100, and Womble reaching her 300th victory with the Redhawks, the team has had a lot to celebrate this season.

Maddie Aronson, Managing Editor

Following up an undefeated district season and the celebration of head volleyball coach Ui’ Womble’s 300 Redhawk victory, the Redhawks rolls into their first playoff game Monday at 6:30 p.m. at McKinney High School against the Princeton Panthers.

“I’m excited to see what comes up for us and her this season, and in the future, especially after our undefeated season, and her 300th win,” sophomore Lauryn Hill said. “I think that it shows that she’s a really good coach, and what’s she puts into it, and I’m glad people could see the behind the scenes pays off of all of that.”

“For this game tonight, we are aiming to remain constant, set high expectations for kids, and just follow through on all of the goals we’ve set for ourselves,” Womble said. “We’re trying to just take this one game at a time.”

The team is heading into playoffs riding a 20 game winning streak, followed by an extra push of excitement from Womble’s 300 victory with the Redhawks which came with flowers, a poster, and congratulations from her team, family, and some former assistant coaches.

“It makes me really proud of our program, of our kids, of our coaches, of our whole Liberty High School, that we’ve been able to maintain that high level of play, and have this success,” Womble said. “It was so special, I teared up, and it made me really happy that they took time out to recognize me.”

Womble has coached the Redhawk varsity team since the school’s opening in 2006, and to get to this incredible point in her career, she has kept her teams focused on what is important, in and out of volleyball.

“When you get to a school and you get that first head coaching job, make sure that you know what your core values are, what your beliefs are, what you stand for,” Womble said. “You have to stand firm to them and don’t waver from that. to set an example for these kids. That is really what has gotten me to where I am, and we as a team are now.”