Senior class president takes school spirit to the next level

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  • For many, dance is an outlet of expression and fosters a sense of team building. Wingspan’s Alveena Naeem shares her take on the topic.

  • In addition to being part of Red Rhythm, senior Emma Hancock is also the Student Council president which means she has double duty at pep rallies where she performs with Red Rhythm and also helps lead the pep rally.

  • Senior, Student Council president Emma Hancock kicks off the pep rally behind the microphone.

  • To start off the year, booster clubs on campus are hosting Redhawk Rally on Saturday.

From hyping up the crowd at pep rallies to dancing like nobody’s watching on the football field, senior Emma Hancock is all about school spirit. She shows her Redhawk pride by being the class of 2020 student council president and a Red Rhythm veteran line member.

“I think being a part of both organizations has made me a much more well rounded student and has created more opportunities for me in general,” Emma said. “It has expanded my friend network as well. I have gained varied experiences by being involved in multiple activities.”

It has taught me to be a better communicator and has been a good experience overall,

— senior Emma Hancock

In her fourth year on Red Rhythm and her second year on student council, she’s become adept at juggling different responsibilities. 

“It’s busy and sometimes I experience scheduling conflicts,” Emma said. “It has taught me to be a better communicator and has been a good experience overall.”

Despite already being busy with drill team, she still decided to run for student council president at the end of her junior year.

“I really loved being a part of student council and wanted to play a bigger part in it,” Hancock said.

Both Red Rhythm and student council members have been big support teams for Emma.

“It was really great to have support from my RR friends while I was running for student council president,” Emma said. “Many of them have helped me with my campaign and it was awesome to have them behind me.”

Red Rhythm director Nicole Nothe and assistant director Sarah Cadungug have also been big supporters of Emma and what she is doing in student council.

“The Red Rhythm Directors were incredibly proud of Emma to run for a leadership position on campus. She has strong leadership qualities and is qualified to serve as president,” Red Rhythm Director Nicole Nothe said via email. “Emma is talented in many areas at school, and we take joy in watching her shine in multiple areas of service.”

She has strong leadership qualities and is qualified to serve as president,

— Red Rhythm Director Nicole Nothe

On top of Red Rhythm and student council Hancock is a part of NHS and Fellowship Cristian Athletes.

One of Emma’s biggest values is family, and her family always has her back.

“As a family, we are very supportive of Emma’s activities and we jump in and help her in any way we can,” Emma’s mom, Laura Hancock said via text message. “For the most part, she is able to manage on her own but she knows we are always available if she needs us.” 

With all the extra responsibilities Emma has she must keep her self very organized and she encourages others in multiple programs to do the same.

“I would encourage them [students participating in multiple programs] to be organized with their time and to form strong relationships with their many sponsors to make their lives easier when they experience any type of conflict as a result of being so involved,” Hancock said.

All and all Hancock is excited for her senior year and hopes to leave a legacy where everyone feels like they have a voice. She hopes to accomplish this by really getting to know others around her and empowering them to be their best self.

“I strive to be a friend to everyone I meet. I want my peers to understand their value and worth,” Hancock said. “Hopefully my role in student council can be a tool to help me practice this.”