Redhawks might be seen on Sunday Night Football broadcast


Emily Vetvick

The Indian population in Frisco accounts for approximately 14% of the city’s residents, however, the population isn’t as represented when looking at sports. As time goes on, students are beginning to break.

Kasey Harvey, Editor-In-Chief

The Redhawk football program could get some national attention during NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcast between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings as video crews will be at Friday’s game against Wakeland at the Ford Center.

“Ultimately, NFL players once played high school football,” head football coach Matt Swinnea said. “It’s kind of cool that there is a relationship and of course here in Frisco, unlike probably almost everybody else in the entire nation. We have the unique opportunity to be, you know, partners with the Dallas Cowboys.”

Every week, NBC shoots local high school football games to highlight in their Sunday night broadcast and Friday’s game between the Redhawks and Wolverines could be featured.

“You think back to when we opened The Star. You know, we had kids that are on national TV, playing, playing football game on the NFL Network and so that kind of exposure is is very uncommon. You know, or even if it’s a, you know, 22nd 32nd segment on a Sunday Night Football game it’s, it’s just great exposure.”

Although there’s no guarantee highlights will be used, junior quarterback Will Glatch likes the possibility.

“I am excited for our team to be shown nationally televised,” Glatch said. “I think that this is a great opportunity for the team to show that we can compete on the football field.”